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About the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trails Challenge

Mammoth Lakes is so much more than the classic (but sometimes busy) places you’ve seen on Instagram. That’s why Visit Mammoth is challenging you to get off-the-beaten-path this summer with the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trails Challenge. We’ve compiled 100 miles of trails to help you get outside the busy areas and have a slice of this adventureland all to yourself, even if it’s just for a while.

So what’s the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trails Challenge?

From June 1 through June 30, challenge yourself to complete 100 miles of off-the-beaten-path trails in and around Mammoth Lakes. Whether you’re in it to discover your new favorite trail, to push your athletic limits, or to win a $500 Mammoth Card (redeemable at participating Mammoth Lakes businesses), the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trails Challenge is all about having fun on the trails around town.

Registration is free! Although we do encourage donations that will go directly to four local stewardship and conservation organizations who take care of the trails we all enjoy. (Learn more about these local organizations below.)  Here’s how to register and start racking up the miles:

Participating is a Few Clicks Away and Registration is Free

1. Create an account with Terrain Scouts.

2. Register for the Mammoth Lakes 100 Trails Challenge (It’s recommended you add your cell phone during registration as it will be used for important messaging during the challenge). 

3. Link an Activity Tracking account to the challenge (don’t worry, there are several free tracking options! You’ll be able to create one if you don’t already have one). 

4. If you are using an Activity Tracking app on your phone, be sure it is downloaded and that you are logged on. Better yet, go test it out and make sure you know how to start, end, and save your activities! 

Participating is a Few Clicks Away and Registration is Free

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Engage With Your Trail Community

New for 2022 - Teams! Create or join a public team (anyone can join) or a private team (by invite only) and easily invite others to be on your team with you. Just click on the Twitter or Facebook share links, or copy the invite link and send it however you prefer. The trails are always more fun when we share them together! 

Once you register, you’ll find a whole community of hikers, runners, and cyclists participating in the Mammoth Lakes Trail Challenge with you. Compete against other visitors and local legends taking on the challenge. Or just see how far you can go if that’s more your style. And don’t forget to share pictures using #MammothTrailChallenge along the way. Our favorite photos will be randomly awarded with bonus goodies! 

As you complete miles in the challenge, you’ll earn entries to the $500 Mammoth Card giveaway. The more miles you complete, the more entries you’ll receive. And be on the lookout for 'Promoted Trails' where you can earn bonus entries towards the $500 Mammoth Card giveaway. 

While you’re out exploring, don’t forget to treat local trails with respect. And if you are able, consider giving back to the local organizations that help take care of Mammoth Lakes. 

About Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access 

From trail maintenance and stewardship to planning for the future of the trail system in Mammoth Lakes, the Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation (MLTPA) cares for the trails in areas such as the Mammoth Lakes Basin, the Sherwins, and the paved paths throughout the town. Click here to Donate Now and support their great work. 

About Mammoth Lakes Recreation

Mammoth Lakes Recreation (MLR) champions recreation and culture opportunities, with a focus on sustainable recreation. A donation to MLR helps to fund sustainable recreation infrastructure projects in Mammoth Lakes. MLR also offers an Adopt-a-Trail program, where organizations or groups can sponsor a specific trail in Mammoth Lakes.

About Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association 

Educating and inspiring people about Eastern Sierra Public Lands through interpretive products, exhibits, and programs. Click here to Donate Now and support their great work.

About Friends of the Inyo 

Our mission is to ensure the public lands of the Eastern Sierra exist in an intact, healthy natural state for people and wildlife through preservation, stewardship, exploration, and education. Click here to Donate Now and support their great work.

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